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School Staff

Meet the Staff



Name Position Div Email
Mr. Kul Dhaliwal ELL (Thursdays) & PE (Friday's)
Ms. Krista Dugdale Grade Five 01
Ms. Shannon Thiesen Grade Five 02
Ms. Jamie Imai Grade Four 05
Ms. Jennifer Clarke Grade Four/Five 04
Ms. Nelly Fargeon Grade Four/Five 03
Mrs. Nichelle Fehr Grade Four/Five 03
Ms. Victoria Fehr Grade One 15
Ms. Heather Nairn Grade One 13
Mrs. Michelle Potts Grade One 14
Ms. Allison Richardson Grade One/Two 12
Mrs. Alessandra Delaporte Grade Three 08
Ms. Katarina Vlasic Grade Three 07
Ms. Bonnie Voth Grade Three/Four 06
Ms. Moira Kaulback Grade Two 11
Ms. Krista Rutschmann Grade Two 10
Ms. Allison Brock Grade Two/Three 09
To Be Announced (Monday & Wedneday - Friday Kindergarten 16
Ms. Chenoa Dirks Kindergarten 18
Ms. Krista Lanigan (LOA) Kindergarten
Ms. Chelaine Neufeldt Kindergarten 17
Mrs. Maralee Lincoln Kindergarten (Tuesday's) 16
Ms. Alina Cameron Learning Support Services
Mr. Kyle Featherstone Learning Support Services
Ms. Marissa Lawton Learning Support Services
Ms. Melissa Yeomans PE (Mon - Thurs)

Support Staff:

Name Position Email
Ms. Wenonah Justin Aboriginal Worker
Mr. Jas Ark Custodian
Ms. Sylvia Damgaard Educational Assistant
Ms. Alina Durham Educational Assistant
Ms. Sharon Fast Educational Assistant
Ms. Shelley Gelineau Educational Assistant
Ms. Nancy Harrison Educational Assistant
Ms. Janet Hughes Educational Assistant
Ms. Alma Schlitt Educational Assistant
Ms. Darlene Beharrell Educational Assitant
Mr. Satish Prakash Head Custodian
Ms. Stella Yoon International Education Assistant (9-9:30am)
Ms. Alison Lilly School Secretary (Mon - Fri)
Mrs. Lisa Roberts School Secretary (Tues, Wed, Thurs)
Ms. Pam Waterhouse (Itinerant) Speech Therapist (Tues)
Mr. Kurt Kayser Youth Care Worker
Mr. Kyle Stark (Itinerant) Youth Care Worker