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News: Monday, October 3rd, 2016

District committed to updated Strategic Plan

The Abbotsford School District has released its updated Strategic Plan that will lead them into the future to 2020. Over the last two years, the Board of Education and District staff have spent countless hours collecting information and analyzing best practices for an innovative strategic plan.

“The more we learn about the power of engagement, the more we strive to create a tangible link between student success and every member of our school community,” noted Board Chair Rhonda Pauls, “our updated strategic plan streamlines our goals and will serve as the guidepost for every department and individual. We wanted something innovative, simple and actionable. The Board is very proud of this strategic plan because it embodies our commitment to constant improvement through clear objectives that everyone can embrace.”

During the initial review process, feedback and data was collected through various means: student achievement results, public consultation, improvements in processes, system efficiencies, and program reviews. District goals were reevaluated, projects were re-prioritized, and the strategic pillars were simplified with the ultimate goal in mind – student success.

“For the last few years, our District has been heavily invested in making the Board’s vison - a world-class innovative and individualized education for every student - a reality. We have made tremendous gains, but at the same time we also wanted to make the strategic plan even more focused on our students and our staff,” stated Kevin Godden, Superintendent of Schools.

The streamlined focus on student achievement is now structured under 4 key pillars:

·       Student Success

·       Optimized Resources

·       Engaging Opportunities

·       Progressive Workforce

The 2016-2020 Strategic Plan was approved by the Board of Education at their September meeting. Updates and reports on achievements will be provided on the District’s website –

The Abbotsford School District is ready to move forward – Let’s Do This!




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Manager, Communications
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