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Code of Conduct

We take pride in being a HERO

 A HERO is:

Helpful - A HERO looks for opportunities to provide service within the school community.  A HERO takes pleasure in providing service to others.

Enthusiastic - A HERO approaches every aspect of the school community with a POSITIVE ATTITUDE.  A HERO is a POSITIVE LEADER.

Respectful - A HERO treats all people, property, and learning situation with respect.  A HERO believes that all students, parents, and staff members belong to and have something to contribute to the school community.

Outstanding - A HERO is someone who is becoming an expert at something.  A HERO is a disciplined and committed person who is striving to reach goals at the highest possiblie level of achievement.

The complete Student Handbook for ASIA North Poplar can be found in the first few pages of the school planner. Download your copy of the ASIA North Poplar Code of Conduct.