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Gradual Entry Schedule

Tuesday, September 5  -   All kindergarten students and parents will attend an information session at 9:00 am in the gym provided by the kindergarten teachers.  Approximately one hour in duration.  At this time, you will sign up for private, in-class sessions with your designated kindergarten teacher

Wednesday, September 6  -   Classroom visits (Parent and Child)   

Thursday, September 7  -    Classroom visits (Parent and Child)

Friday, September 8  -   Classroom visits (Parent and Child)

Monday, September 11  -  Quarter sessions 1 hour each (sign up at registration)

Tuesday, September 12  -  Half Day sessions 2 hours each (sign up at registration)

Wednesday, September 13  -  Regular full sessions begins:  8:17-2:23

A sign-up sheet for classroom visits and mini sessions (quarter and half day) will be posted at the information session on Tuesday, September 5th in the gym.

Mini-sessions will also be arranged at the information session on Tuesday, September 5th during the info session in the gym.