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Kindergarten 2021 - Gradual Entry Schedule

Dear Parents/Guardians:
Beginning in September 2021 your child will be attending kindergarten at ASIA North Poplar Elementary. There will be a gradual entry to this full day experience for your child. By the start of September, we hope to have more information around the specifics of school start up for all classes. At the time of this letter how start-up will occur has yet to be decided by the Provincial Public Health Officer and the Minister of Education. Typically, all students are in full time attendance by September 22nd, 2021 after a period of gradual entry. The following is our typical startup schedule that may be modified:

The schedule will be as follows:

Tuesday, September 7th to Friday, September 10th
• Individual Parent and Child visits with the teacher. These are the “private, in-class sessions with your designated teacher”. One of our Kindergarten teachers will contact you to schedule this class session

Monday, September 13th & Tuesday, September 14th
• Quarter sessions 1 hour each

Wednesday, September 15th & Thursday, September 16th
• Half Day sessions 2 hours each

Friday, September 17th
• Full group 8:20 – 11:00am *

Monday, September 20th
• Full group 8:20am – 12:00pm *

Tuesday, September 21st
• Full group 8:20am – 1:00pm *

Wednesday, September 22nd
• Full day Kindergarten begins 8:20am – 2:20pm *
* Times subject to change based on provincial safety protocols

For a regular day your child will need a healthy snack (some fruit, some cheese and crackers or yogurt etc.) and a healthy lunch (a sandwich, roti, macaroni and cheese etc).
When you bring your child to school on a regular day, please stay with them until the teacher opens the outside classroom door, and then always meet them at the outside classroom door after class. Students should not arrive at school earlier than 8:15am without parent supervision. 

School supply lists are available on the ASIA North Poplar website. You can order supplies online from and they will be delivered directly to your home or you can take the list and go shopping. All orders are delivered to your home.

Please provide a change of clothes for your child. This is in case of situations where their clothes get wet or very dirty.

Please be sure to check the Abbotsford School District website for more information as well

With a very warm welcome,
The Kindergarten Team