Dogs On School Property

Please, No Dogs On School Grounds

Dogs are not to be brought onto school grounds unless authorized by special request through the school's administrator's or your child's teacher i.e. a show and tell project or assistance dogs.  This is not only a health concern but more importantly it is a safety issue. 

Even if dogs are kept on a leash or being held they pose a potential risk as even the friendliest of dogs will occasionally bite or scratch an unknown adult or child.  In reference to the health issue, not all owners act responsibly.  On a number of occasions students have reported finding dog feces in the areas they play in.

All assistance dogs must show proper documentation to the school office prior to going onto school property.

We respectfully ask that you please leave your dogs/pets at home or in the car when dropping off and picking up your child(ren). 

Thank you very much for you co-operation with this request.