No Parking at Best Western

Dear Parents and Guardians;

Please be aware that The Best Western has notified us that they do not permit parents to stop or park in their parking lots.  We ask that their request is respected. Please be aware that failure to do so puts you at risk of having your vehicle towed.

The following are recommendations to help minimize stress and maximize safety at drop off and pick up times:

  • Use the drop off zone in front of the big tree closest to the staff parking lot.  For the safety of our students we ask that you let your child(ren) out on the school side of the car, please do not let them out into traffic or ask them to cross the street.
  • Park on the other side of the 3-way stop on Marshall or down Meadow Street and walk in
  • Use the parking stalls at the Abbotsford Hotel that are designated for ASIA North Poplar and cross the street using the cross walks.  There is a walkway that comes down to the school from the overpass to the staff parking lot which makes for a two minute walk over if you get the lights in your favour.  Note: The Abbotsford Hotel is located kitty corner to the school at the corner of Clearbrook and Marshall Roads.
  • Or walk if you live within walking distance 

The Staff Parking Lot beside the school is for staff only.  Please do not park in this parking lot as it is used for staff and daycare parking.  It is not to be used as a drive through or turn around area. 

Please be aware of kids crossing the street or around your vehicle when pulling out and leaving the area.

Thank you very much!