10 Tenets of the Arts Integration Program

Arts integration is an approach to teaching in which students discover and demonstrate their learning through the different arts: drama, dance, visual art, music and creative writing. Students engage in the creative process that connects the curriculum to the arts in a deep and meaningful way. Our program is from Kindergarten to Grade 12 on two campuses, North Poplar and Sumas Mountain.

1. A unique arts integrated approach to teaching and learning
• Arts and non-arts subjects are taught as partners
• Arts integration engages students in deep and meaningful learning.
• Through arts integration all students are able to experience academic and personal success.
• All of the learning outcomes of the provincial curriculum are met.

2. A focus on the unique learning styles, strengths, interests, and abilities of each child
• Based on Howard Gardiner’s Multiple Intelligences theory.
• Personalized learning.
• A broad palette of learning and assessment opportunities.
• Every child can be successful.

3. All teaching staff and administrators are qualified in one of the main arts
• All staff members have either a degree or post-graduate diploma in one of the fine arts.
• A strong program of learning because the staff is engaged in ongoing  and continuous professional development.
• Most staff members either have or are pursuing a Master’s degree.

4. Direct teaching of the six Fine Arts: dance, drama, music, visual art, digital media, and creative writing
• Direct instruction of the six Fine Arts is provided in the weekly schedule.
• Dedicated spaces for each of the arts: a dance studio, music studio, digital arts labs., etc.
• Direct instruction not only supports the level of arts integration possible in the classroom but also provides the opportunity to develop performance pieces of excellence.

5. A Collaborative Culture
• Teachers collaborate in pods or grade level teams to provide a seamless program of teaching and learning.
• Collaborative practice is a model for the peer collaboration occurring in classrooms and art spaces.
• We believe that collaboration and teamwork are necessary 21st Century skills and best prepare our students for their future.

6. The arts promote the development of positive personal assets
• The arts promote and develop personal assets such as respect, acceptance, integrity, risk-taking, and perseverance.
• The arts build community minded local and global citizens.
• Our schools are safe, inclusive places, free of harassment.

7. A strong focus on high levels of achievement and excellence.

• We strive for academic, social, artistic, and athletic excellence in all aspects of our program

• Our schools have been recognized for high achievement by the district, the province, and Internationally.
• We are always moving from good to great in terms of achievement and excellence.

8. A focus on 21st Century Competencies
• We strive to be ahead of the curve through meaningful innovation and improvement.
• Skills such as creative thinking, critical thinking, communication, cross-curricular problem-solving, collaboration, digital literacy, building community locally and globally, cross-cultural understanding and appreciation are part of everyday instruction.
• Students are prepared for the futures they will face.

9. An Artist-In-Residence Program
* We make a guarantee that every child has the opportunity to work with a professional artist from the larger community at least once per year.
• Funding for this in-class program is provided by our Parent Advisory Committee.
• Our students learn about the actual life and experience of a working artists.
• We offer an engaging extra-curricular arts program in our schools.

10. Parents are full partners in their child’s learning
• We encourage collaboration with parents, stressing the importance of this relationship in an effective learning environment.
• We maintain frequent communication with parents through email, classroom websites, Synervoice, and many other available means.
• Parents are always welcome in the school.
• We encourage and support parents in taking leadership roles in our schools.
• Parents are invited to all Pod Presentations, Productions, and Demonstrations of Learning throughout the year.