Kindergarten 2023 - Gradual Entry Schedule

Dear Families, 
Welcome to Kindergarten at Abbotsford School of Integrated Arts North Poplar Campus! We are excited to have your child join us for an exciting year of learning and growth. 
Kindergarten is a special time filled with new experiences and discoveries. We believe in creating a classroom that’s warm, inviting, and inclusive. We value the partnership between home and school, and we look forward to working together to support your child's educational journey. We are excited to foster their love for learning, encourage their curiosity, and promote their social-emotional development.  Please note, if you wish to be a volunteer it would be wise to start your criminal record check as this takes a while to process. 
Gradual entry will be in effect for kindergarten this fall. Families will be receiving a call on Tuesday, September 5th from their child’s kindergarten teacher to arrange a meeting time. Students will get to see their new learning space and get to know their teacher before their official first day! Meetings will take place between Wednesday, September 6th- Friday September 8th in 15-minute intervals. During this meeting, students will be assigned to a group (A, B, C, or D) and receive their gradual entry schedule. 
The schedule is as follows: