Artist in Residence

This program offers students the opportunity to work with a master artist mentor.  Grade teachers work collaboratively to connect their curriculum to an artist and then that artist is hired to come in and work with the students directly.

This gives students an insight into where the arts can take them in the future as well as working closely together in a joint project.


The Artist-in-Residence (AIR) program is one of the three pillars of our Arts Integrated Program along with an arts integrated approach to teaching and learning, and direct instruction in the fine arts.

The program offers students the opportunity:

  • To enrich their understanding in all areas of the curriculum
  • To increase their ability to think creatively
  • To broaden their palette of self-expression
  • To connect students to a wider world of the arts
  • To allow students to explore the idea of arts as an area of study and professional employment
  • To engage in professional quality arts experiences

The program offers our teachers the opportunity:

  • To learn from another artist (professional development)
  • To offer an arts experience that they themselves may not have the expertise to offer
  • To brainstorm with another artist different ways to engage students in the curriculum
  • To raise the quality standards for arts presentations in the school

If you are interested in being considered as an Artist in Residence, please send an email to our principal Ms. Osterby-Batryn at